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Westercon 69 programming is now available. Please remember that Programming is never finished until the last day of the convention. Watch for updates.

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Sunday, July 3

1:00am PDT

7:00am PDT

8:00am PDT

9:00am PDT

9:30am PDT

10:00am PDT

10:30am PDT

11:00am PDT

Frog Jones Reading MadisonFrog Jones Docent Tour: Mark Ferrari Art ShowMark J. Ferrari Kinderfilk Concert MorrisonJoan Gaustad • Frank Hayes • Roy Torley I Want to Make a Costume! SellwoodBetty Bigelow • Janet Borkowski • Gail Glass • Flori Lima-Steele • Kevin Roche Cosplay for People of All Abilities WashingtonSheri Budrow • Chad Budrow • Heather Burgess • Ellen Klowden • Jess Knight • Nora Autographs AutographsEsther Jones • Fonda Lee • Sonia Lyris Mer People Meet and Greet PoolsideOrchid Cavett Sunday 11am Kaffeeklatsch MultnomahCtein • Janet Freeman-Daily • Manny Frishberg • Mike Moscoe • Sara Stamey • Jeff Sturgeon • Daniel H. Wilson Vacuum Tubes and the Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil 3 SistersDon Anderson Cosmic Horror in Mainstream Media JacksonGwen Callahan • Crystal Connor • Andrew Fuller • Devon Monk Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading BroadwayWendy Van Camp • S. A. Bolich • J Tullos Henning • Marta Murvosh • Cat Rambo Future Laws HawthorneAri Goldstein • William Hertling • Andrew P Mayer • Sean Robinson • Erica Satifka SF as a Stealth Delivery Platform Ross IslandLiz Argall • Sunni Brock • James Glass • John Scalzi Open Read and Critique LincolnStephanie L. Weippert Realistic Dialogue RooseveltCarol Berg • Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff • Stoney Compton • Rhiannon Held • William F. Nolan Hospitality - Lunch Room 1555 Art Show Exhibit Hall across from the main lobby Dealers' Room Exhibit Hall across from the main lobby Visiting Food Carts Outside the Ballroom Lobby entrance

11:30am PDT

12:00pm PDT

World of Steampunk HamiltonNat Saenz Wendy Wagner Reading MadisonWendy Wagner How To Draw, By Not An Artist MorrisonGibbitt Rhys-Jones • Charles Mason • Arlin Robins Mermania 102 PoolsideOrchid Cavett • Sally Newman • Rachel Phillips • Yl'luria WaterSong Black Cinderella and the New Jim Crow: Media Representation in Post-Racial America WashingtonElizabeth Adams • Emily Jiang • Roget Ratchford Bard Class 102: Voice PNW BallroomAbbie Normal Game Design With Steampunk WeidlerPaul Abeyta • Angela Hardy • Dr. Jamie Hardy Lasers to Rayguns - Fictional Weapons in Pop Culture 3 Sisters Starting the Engine of Your Author Platform BroadwayWendy Van Camp Suborbital Tourism LincolnSamuel Coniglio • Dave Davis • Dan Dubrick • G. David Nordley The Amish Approach to Changing Technology: The Error of Presumed Neutrality of Technology HawthorneAri Goldstein • Keith Henson • Guy Letourneau • Sara Stamey Has Star Trek Left Us With an Enduring Mythology? Ross IslandSunni Brock • Sarina Dorie • Langley Hyde • Patrick Swenson From Parts to a Whole: Turning a Bunch of Essays into a Unified Book JacksonJason V Brock • Tod McCoy • William F. Nolan • Shannon Page Guest of Honor Autograph: Charlie Stross AutographsCharlie Stross Successfully Writing About Horrible Things RooseveltDavid Boop • Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff • Crystal Connor • Manny Frishberg • Andrew P Mayer Bead Embroidery Workshop SellwoodTheresa Halbert GEAR Con Tea Parlour Gearcon ParlourFlori Lima-Steele

12:30pm PDT

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2:00pm PDT

2:30pm PDT

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