Westercon 69 has ended
Westercon 69 programming is now available. Please remember that Programming is never finished until the last day of the convention. Watch for updates.
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Steven Schneider

SCSchneider Publishing
Spokane, WA
Recent literary science fiction, Sweet Charlotte in the Higgs Field and companion volume A Small Goddess.

Sweet Charlotte in the Higgs Field is the story of a suddenly eternal love tripping lightly through a hard science fiction universe. A convergence of science and spirituality, of nuts and bolts and philosophy, drives the characters. In the mid-twenty-first century an unexpected explosion of quantum gravity technology opens the gates of universes in a multiverse. Interdimensional travel, politics and spirituality, mixed in with the experience of oneness with lovers and gods, completely changes society, its obsessions and expectations over 100 years of astonishing discoveries.Preview at amazon.com.